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NO BOUNDARIES SCHOOL CIC – Company Number SC12280 The Registrar of Companies for Scotland, Companies House.

Polish Saturday NO BOUNDARIES SCHOOL as a Community Interest Company is an initiative designed to integrate the Polish community in Scotland.

The most important task of the NO BOUNDARIES SCHOOL is shaping the cultural awareness of Polish children by teaching them the Polish language and History and Geography of Poland.


NO BOUNDARIES SCHOOL is a member of the Federation of Polish Saturday Schools in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Membership shall be imposed on us an obligation to implement the program with the Polish language and History and Geography of Poland complying with the requirements of the Polish Ministry of National Education. In addition, we want to support Polish children learning in Scottish schools by the course of Science, Maths and Social Studies conducted in Polish in line with the applicable requirements of Scottish curriculum.

We believe that education at NO BOUNDARIES SCHOOL will give the same educational chances to Polish students in a Scottish environment and in the future help to achieve better results in tests and to gain higher education.



Polish Saturday School is a place to regain Polish identity, to learn to speak, write, read and think in their native language. The School will provide classes according to students’ age and abilities. We will support our students in their educational pursuit, further development and help them to integrate well in a new Scottish society. Sometimes, children have problems because of a language barrier so the School has also prepared the special programme for English additional classes to improve their communication and core skills. We would like to enable students to function best in Scottish schools and get best results in their exams. In our School, students will also be prepared to take Polish at their exams as a foreign language at any level – Standard Grade or Higher Grade.

No Boundaries School will enable many Polish youngsters to maintain their national identity while integrating into a new society and obtain well-meant education, both in English and Polish.



The basic level incorporates Polish classes (5-8 yrs old) with elements of History, Geography and national heritage to all children that learn to speak, read, write and express their mind in their mother tongue with accuracy and fluency.

In the second level children will have separate subjects in Polish language, History and Geography of Poland.

The advanced level – Preparation for taking Polish as an exam subject at Standard or Higher Grade. Further expansion of their skills and abilities is our main priority. We would like to help our students with college, university and job market opportunities.


No Boundaries School CIC

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Granton Edinburgh College

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EH5 1QE Edinburgh


St Margaret’s Academy

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